Like A Bird

Mango trousers

To me, the tiniest detail of this outfit is the star of the whole show. The teeny hummingbird pin on this Zara bag is barely noticeable, but this little guy was the reason I had to get it, and even inspired me to wear gold again. I am not a gold girl, but an exception can be made in this case, because hummingbirds are close to my heart. I even bought my first pair of gold earrings in like, 5 years – all to match this little fella.

My grandfather was obsessed with hummingbirds. He had a feeder near each window of his and my grandmother’s home, and they both would sit in amazement at the little guys that would zoom past for a quick drink. Hummingbirds were his thing. I don’t know why such a big, burly guy was so drawn to such a tiny bird, but when he passed they became somewhat of a spirit animal for my family and me. Without trying to sound like a weirdo that talks to birds, whenever a hummingbird hovers near me for longer than a moment I often say hi to it, feeling like maybe my grandfather just dropped in for a moment to say hello.

Such a small detail, but it’s the little things that count! My affinity for this bag inspired the whole outfit – muted colors with contrast, and just a tiny touch of gold. I’m also shocked that I seem to be changing my mind about gold after all these years. I don’t know when exactly it happened, but for the longest time I’ve preferred the edgier feel of silver. But with warmer weather just around the corner, maybe it’s the perfect time to dip my toes in that tone again. And soon, the hummingbirds will be back too.

Bag: Zara

Bodysuit: Naked Wardrobe

Trousers: Mango

Heels: Iris & Ink

Earrings: Monki

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