Scandinavian House Mafia

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m obsessed with Scandinavian design. I’m currently on the hunt for a new apartment so I’m obsessing over home decor, searching the interwebz far and wide for inspiration. Aside from a few pieces here and there, I’m basically starting over with furniture and have been needing some direction as far as what type of vibe I want to go with. Then this Scandinavian house from Elle Decor Sweden showed up, and made me literally gasp in amazement. Everything about it is my dream house (Scandinavian meets moody rustic glam, ugh I love it!!), so I’ll definitely be using it as inspiration in decorating my future new home. I absolutely love the use of colors, unfinished wood, decorative pieces, and how warm and cozy it feels while still being minimal and clean. And that library/home office? So dreamy. See the whole spread below!

Source: Elle Decor Sweden

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