All About The Top

Currently writing this while still buzzing from the most amazing meditation class. I know I sound annoyingly “LA” but I don’t even care, it was worth it (ps, if you live in LA, you should totally check out Unplug). I’m so blissed out that everything seems beautiful and alright with the world for a moment, despite what is approaching later this week. I’m reminded that it’s all about perspective, how we choose to view/react to each and every situation. If I am grateful for one thing in regards to the world’s current state of affairs, I will say that it has forced some positive changes in my life. It’s made me more introspective, more conscious, more open, vulnerable and even creative. This week, I’m focusing on aesthetics, beauty, and just feeling good. Sometimes you just need a little self love.

One hobby that I picked up last year is watercoloring, and in true grandma style, these days I tend to get really excited about staying home with my own bottle of red wine and watercoloring the shit out of a Friday night here and there. The result of teaching myself this medium is that I’ve become obsessed with any prints that look remotely watercolored or painterly, like this cool pleated funnel neck top. I’m obsessed with the oversized floral print – it’s totally out of my comfort zone, and makes for a really cool slightly Chola/Asian vibe when paired with the rest of this get up.

Also, since I just can’t be bothered to put tons of effort into my outfits/appearance at present (please refer to self-love excuse above), I’ve discovered that a messy hair top knot, cool detailed hoops, and a bold lip makes for an easy combo that completes a look without much effort, which leaves me more time… to watercolor.

Top: Missguided

Jeans: Zara

Boots: ASOS (similar here)

Jacket: Levi’s

Earrings: Kingsley Ryan

Bag: Shaffer LA

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