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This is my first post-election blog post, and I must admit it feels a little weird. When your whole country has gone off the deep end, things like fashion (or getting out of bed) can tend to seem a little frivolous. Luckily, I’ve had about a week to process/grieve since that “orange godzilla” was elected(thank you Amy Schumer) , and I’m ready to take solace in fashion once again. Exhibit A) this snap front midi dress.

I saw a similar style on Marianna Hewitt a few months back and I’ve been crazy about the look ever since. Since I’m not really that girl who can pull of fancy heels during the day (give me a thick heeled boot, then we’ll talk), it took a bit of imagination to figure out how to wear this on the way to coffee. These are the last days of being able to wear leather slides, and I liked how they toned down the sexiness of the dress a bit. Then I pulled my best blogger move and did a little “off the shoulder” denim jacket action, to complete the intentionally-lazy vibe I was going for. Since November 8th, it’s all I can do to even wash my face in the morning.

All hyperbole aside, life really does seem to have taken on a new meaning since last week. If there is one positive thing that has come out of the election, it is a newfound passion and determination that I feel, not only in myself but also in all those close to me – to be a positive force for change in this world, to work harder, to be better. Though I was momentarily lost in a deep dark hole of “holy shit”, I’ve realized that we are resilient, and we will self correct. Change always comes with a backlash, so all we can do is buckle the hell up and keep pushing forward. If you feel the same and would like to make even a small difference in someone’s life, please feel free to donate to my virtual food drive through the LA Regional Food Bank (even just $1=4 meals!), to help those dealing with food insecurity have a happy holiday season. xo

snap-front-midi-dress-1 snap-front-midi-dress-2 snap-front-midi-dress-3 snap-front-midi-dress-4 snap-front-midi-dress-5 snap-front-midi-dress-6 snap-front-midi-dress-7 snap-front-midi-dress-8 snap-front-midi-dress-9

Dress: F21 (similar here) | Flats: Michael Kors | Bag: F21 (similar here) | Jacket: similar here | Sunnies: Quay

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