Inspiration: Christine Wu

(Images from her website)
It’s been a minute since I’ve posted about art that inspires me, but in the midst of all this fashion week madness a momentary change of subject sounds nice. I just recently stumbled upon the artwork of Christine Wu, an LA-based painter and illustrator whose beautifully haunting work includes dramatic drips and image doubling that is both trippy and thought provoking. Aligning with my own personal tastes in life and fashion, her work is a bit dark with sexual undertones. How incredible is that piece of Kate Moss? Check out more of her work at the link above.

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4 Responses to Inspiration: Christine Wu

  1. Khloe Lo says:

    amazing! thanks for sharing those!
    just uplouded a new outfit just give it a look : :>

  2. Ana says:

    Wooow, this is awesome! I love it! So talented.

  3. Epp says:

    She is really talented! I love this dark, mystique and kind a "broken" feel to them.


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