Giddy Up

(Left to right, top to bottom: All Saints, ASOS, Shoe Mint, Aldo, Zara)
So I noticed that most of my recent shoe purchases seem to be a bit Western-influenced. Why this is, I have no idea, but I can’t seem to stop buying them.  I’ve been relatively nostalgic lately when it comes to music, movies, home decor, etc, so maybe it’s spilling over into my shoe-purchasing compulsions too. There’s something great about a Western-style shoe – they’re a touch rock and roll/vintage inspired without being too boho, which is great because I’ve had it up to here with boho. Also any shoe that doesn’t inspire a “Yee Haw” is boring. It’s gotten so bad that a pair of chunky heels was the most uncomfortable and daring shoe purchase I’ve made in long time. Have a feeling I’ll be Wild-Westing it long into 2014.

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3 Responses to Giddy Up

  1. Khloe Lo says:

    love all of the booties <3 amazing collection!
    check out my latest look:

  2. Bian Sifredi says:

    Loving the black ones on the second picture! I'm really doubtful when it comes to pointy shoes, but this is an exceptional collection of booties!

    Bian | Mortem Blonde

  3. Luna says:

    OMG these shoes are gorgeous! Those are exactly what I'm looking for, ahah.
    Plus, I've just posted a new post on how cool this kind of shoes is!
    Lovely post and blog,


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