Inspiration: Morgaine Faye

(from her website)
Love this work from mixed media artist Morgaine Faye. She hails from Portland, OR – one of my favorite cities in the whole mothafuckin world. Beards, beer, and nature – what else do you need, really. Check out more of her work at the link above!

7 Responses to Inspiration: Morgaine Faye

  1. WOW! stunning and inspirational art!


  2. CM says:

    Wow! These photos are stunning! *0*
    Nice blog, dear!

  3. her work is really intense, but I like it!


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  4. Epp says:

    Wow those are really masterpieces! I've always loved abstract art and these tell a story, not to even mention she has a true one line in these pieces 🙂

  5. Scarlett says:

    Hey, check this global Street style post..I have included you there..hope you like it and share it!

  6. These are beautifully rendered works–I especially like the bisected arm in the first piece.


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