3.1 Phillip Lim Resort

(source: style.com)

Hi everyone – my name is Emily and this will be my fashion & life blog. I wanted to start off by giving a little preview of my style and what I’m inspired by at the moment.

Designer Phillip Lim pretty much killed it with his new Resort ’14 collection. It would appear that sportswear-chic, crop tops, and netting are here to stay for at least another year. Since I have a current addiction to these skin-showing trends I’m pretty happy about this.

Stay tuned for more inspiration and my personal outfits. Which will happen basically as soon as I have a chance to plant my ass in front of my laptop long enough to edit that shit to be decent enough for the internets. Yeesh. #bloggerwithafulltimejob

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  1. ainihapsari says:

    Oh to dream of clean, structured, perfection. Those are perfection!


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