LOVE OR MONEY by Emily Tong wearing zara kimono jacket white flare jeans and snakeskin boots

Not to be totally cliché and talk about the weather, but it’s been a central issue for me in getting dressed over the last few weeks. The climate in LA is, obviously, mostly sunny and gorgeous – save for the few funky months when the seasons change and all weather conditions seem to be packed into a single day. It makes figuring out what to wear pretty challenging, and if you’re someone like me who already suffers indecisiveness in this area, you’re doubly lost. Continue reading

LOVE OR MONEY by Emily Tong wearing free people cami top white denim skirt nike cortez sneakers and denim jacket

As someone who lives in mostly flats these days (lazy or style preference? One can’t be sure), I’m learning to love sneakers more and more. I’m not exactly sure why I never owned many until now (I used to be more of a sandals kinda gal), but I’m certainly making up for lost time with the obscene number of pairs I’ve been ordering as of late. There’s something about a pair of fresh white sneaks for spring and summer. Even as you wear them and they get more banged up, they just become more lovable. Continue reading

LOVE OR MONEY by Emily Tong wearing Joid'art Jewelry Earrings and Free People Cami Top

I’m starting a new segment on the blog today, where I share a roundup of 5 things that I’m obsessing over each month. From podcasts to shoppable items or even just information, I hope you’ll find something inspirational or useful here. First up, April… Continue reading

LOVE OR MONEY by Emily Tong wearing black denim mini skirt free people top and manolo blahnik boots

If you have a fashion addiction like I do, chances are you’re in need of a good spring closet cleaning. Every 6 months or so, I do a wardrobe inventory and get rid of old trends, things I haven’t worn in over a year (unless it’s a classic piece that I can see myself wearing in different weather conditions or has some sort of sentimental value), and stuff I just plain don’t like anymore. I usually end up with a small mountain of items to cart off to Crossroads or list on my Poshmark. After a closet purge, what’s left to do but shop for replacements? 😬 Continue reading

LOVE OR MONEY by Emily Tong wearing Mango checker pants graphic tee red leather jacket and satin heels

The calendar says spring, but LA says nah. It’s been an uncharacteristically cold and rainy few weeks here in La La Land, but alas, fashion waits for no time zone or climate. New spring items have been flowing into stores for a while (and making their way into my carts), hinting at warmer, tanner days to come. While it’s not time to wear breezy frocks and sandals just yet, one spring trend that is super wearable now? Patterned pants. Continue reading