Camo jacket and crop flare jeans

How do I love thee, crop flare jeans? Oh let me count the ways… No but really, it’s getting out of hand. I now have approximately every single color imaginable in this crop flare style, which we all know can’t possibly be on-trend for longer than a few seasons… no? Nevertheless, I love them, and have essentially said goodbye to skinny jeans (for the time being). You would think they would be unflattering for someone with short legs such as myself, but that’s not the case. Continue reading

Mango trousers

To me, the tiniest detail of this outfit is the star of the whole show. The teeny hummingbird pin on this Zara bag is barely noticeable, but this little guy was the reason I had to get it, and even inspired me to wear gold again. I am not a gold girl, but an exception can be made in this case, because hummingbirds are close to my heart. I even bought my first pair of gold earrings in like, 5 years – all to match this little fella. Continue reading

corset top Continue reading

It’s been a few weeks of ups and downs – both in my life, and the weather here in LA (causing confusion in all areas including my fashion choices). While I wouldn’t necessarily post one of my day-to-day lazy outfits on here, I do think it’s important to note that I did not wake up like this.¬†Patches are flared heels are some¬†of my sartorial obsessions at the moment (and both are worthy subjects of a fashion post on their own), but can we get real for a second? Continue reading

I’m a bit of a homebody these days, but on the rare occasion that I can be persuaded into putting extra makeup on and zipping myself into something tight, I like to feel a bit sexy and sophisticated – with just a touch of an edge. Now I don’t normally get this dressed up just to go out for a drink (I’m more of a jeans and heels kinda gal), but I had the opportunity to get a little jazzy for an event with Louise recently. Continue reading