LOVE OR MONEY by Emily Tong featuring a summer europe trip shopping guide

It’s summer, and I’m not in Italy. That fact is simply a tragedy, so I’m at least trying to look – and drink, the part. If it can’t be a glass of red overlooking Piazza Navona, then I suppose an Aperol Spritz on the chic outdoor patio at Zinc Café downtown will have to do. Whether it’s the streets of Rome or my hometown LA, summer is made for wandering, in chic attire no less. Considering that LA and Italy are both sweltering this time of year (both with heat and tourists), it actually isn’t that difficult to redefine my wardrobe for a European summer vacation – however real or imaginary. Continue reading

LOVE OR MONEY by Emily Tong | Friday Feels Vol. 1 Continue reading

Emily Tong of Love Or Money Blog wearing linen shirt and flounce skirt

I think it’s safe to say that linen is the official fabric of summer. It’s lightweight, breathable, and looks just as good wrinkled as it does pressed – making it the perfect vacation companion when you need to toss it into your beach bag or suitcase. Linen tops make me think of salty summer skin that smells of SPF and long days spent seaside, and everyone needs one (or three) in their wardrobe. Continue reading

Emily Tong of LOVE OR MONEY blog wearing 90's style printed dress and espadrilles in LA

I’m the quintessential 80’s baby that grew up in the 90’s. My life revolved around the Spice Girls, N’Sync, Britney Spears, and the like. At 8 years old I was already obsessed with ‘fashion’ (I use that term loosely as my version as a kid could hardly be considered as such now 😂 ), and basically did my best Baby Spice impression on the daily at school, much to my mom’s chagrin.  Continue reading

Isabelle Feliu Art

It’s been forever since I’ve done a feature on my favorite artists of the moment, but when I discovered Isabelle Feliu art I had a huge reason to get back on it. Continue reading