I’m a bit of a homebody these days, but on the rare occasion that I can be persuaded into putting extra makeup on and zipping myself into something tight, I like to feel a bit sexy and sophisticated – with just a touch of an edge. Now I don’t normally get this dressed up just to go out for a drink (I’m more of a jeans and heels kinda gal), but I had the opportunity to get a little jazzy for an event with Louise recently. Continue reading

If you guys follow me on Instagram, you might’ve noticed that I’m very often with this beauty, Louise Roe. Louise is a badass female entrepreneur juggling TV hosting jobs around the globe, charity work and a successful blog all at the same time. Basically, she’s #goals. I’m super lucky to be able to work closely with her on her blog Front Roe, helping with photography and editing, content creation, social media and more. It’s the best, as Louise genuinely is the kind, generous and hilarious person she appears to be on social media, in real life. Continue reading

The Superbowl is today and not to be overly basic, but I’ll be celebrating like a girl – drinking rosé and watercoloring with one of my besties while the game/Lady Gaga plays in the background. Continue reading

It took me a while to warm up to the patent trend, but once I got it, I got it. At first glance, it seems a little 90’s, and a bit over-the-top for everyday life. But once my blogger crush Lucy showed us how to rock it in a casual way, it suddenly made sense. It’s a cool texture that adds a subtle pop to your look, and can really jazz up a neutral color palette to make a daytime outfit a bit more fun (and just a touch naughty).  Continue reading

Currently writing this while still buzzing from the most amazing meditation class. I know I sound annoyingly “LA” but I don’t even care, it was worth it (ps, if you live in LA, you should totally check out Unplug). I’m so blissed out that everything seems beautiful and alright with the world for a moment, despite what is approaching later this week. I’m reminded that it’s all about perspective, how we choose to view/react to each and every situation. If I am grateful for one thing in regards to the world’s current state of affairs, I will say that it has forced some positive changes in my life. It’s made me more introspective, more conscious, more open, vulnerable and even creative. This week, I’m focusing on aesthetics, beauty, and just feeling good. Sometimes you just need a little self love. Continue reading