LOVE OR MONEY by Emily Tong | Proenza Schouler NYFW Details

It’s that time again, when I start obsessively scrolling through the latest shows that come through on at the start of the global fashion month. It always seems fitting that New York should kick it off, and one collection in particular that I look forward to seeing every season is Proenza Schouler. Continue reading

LOVE OR MONEY by Emily Tong wearing topstitch trend top reformation jeans white boots naked vice chain bag

With the weather already leaning towards spring in LA, I have my eye on next season and my inevitable closet purge that is bound to happen on some ill-fated Sunday afternoon. I’ve been having one of those style crises where I’ve suddenly realized that I have not one acceptable top to wear, and am completely tired of wearing tees. I’m already making mental notes of what can stay and what MUST go, making piles, scouring Pinterest and other blogs for replacement ideas. I do this about once a quarter, when my sartorial schizophrenia takes hold near the transition of each new season like clockwork. Continue reading

LOVE OR MONEY by Emily Tong wearing Free People button top and button skirt levis jacket and patent boots

Breaking news: it’s hot in LA, in case you haven’t heard. Not quite sure where else in the world it’s possible to wear mini skirts in January (except maybe Australia), but it’s basically full blown summer here. While I love to complain about LA and the heat and constant sunshine, I’m sure my California born-and-bred bones would crumble to dust instantly if I ever experienced truly cold weather. I don’t think the handful of times I’ve gone snowboarding or romped around in early season East-coast snowfall actually counts. Snow is like, so cute though – am I right Californians? Continue reading

LOVE OR MONEY by Emily Tong | Renee Gouin

I will go ahead and leave these monotypes by Renée Gouin right here. Though it’s not hard to see why I’m obsessed with the work of this Vancouver-based artist, she essentially sums it up on her website, saying: “By emphasizing these flat abstract forms, I embrace the playful antics of cubism. I make monotype prints that strive to celebrate women’s relationship with clothes. My interest is to bring an awareness to the daily ritual of dressing and accessorizing, while pursuing my delight in form and color.” Just lovely. Continue reading

LOVE OR MONEY by Emily Tong wearing red side stripe trousers black crop top and leather backpack

I’ve decided that 2018 hasn’t started yet. In my eyes, January is a free month in which we’re given a chance to recover from the holidays and the craziness of the previous year, a chance to generally just get our shit together. If you’re like me, you have big goals for 2018, but it feels like January decided to come at us just too damn fast. I need at least a few more weeks of putting minimal effort into my outfits, faking an ‘intentionally effortless’ vibe by wearing clothes that actually resemble pajamas. Continue reading