It’s no lie that I’m obsessed with an easy jeans and top look. Give me an uneven hem with a Vetements vibe, add on a high waist, and I’m doubly sold. I had been eyeing these bad boys a few months back in a light blue wash but like an idiot I slept on them, and they sold out in about 2 seconds flat. Luckily the jeans gods blessed me with an even more appropriate washed grey-on-black pair, perfect for my style.  Continue reading


The most yummy details from Spring 2017 New York Fashion Week. Enough said

All pics from Vogue

LOVE OR MONEY by Emily Tong | Last Days of Summer 0

You know you’re getting older when you blink and realize that summer is almost over. You haven’t been to the beach once. You don’t even have tan lines because you sadly haven’t seen the sun long enough to get them. This summer has been full of work and handling grown up responsibilities (which has been good, but I do miss the days of salty beach hair, freckles, BBQs, bike riding, etc… I know they’ll be back, but Summer ’16 has been all grinding for me!). I’m really hoping to take advantage of the long “Indian summers” that LA tends to have, and frolic around Malibu a few times before I start covering up for fall. Enter, this little knit tank, that I swear I’ve been searching for forever. Continue reading

LOVE OR MONEY by Emily Tong | Olive Wrap Skirt | Casual Summer Outfit 0

As always, I’m a sucker for olive & black together. I’m also always a sucker for anything that has a silver grommet or buckle detail, so this skirt/sandal/purse combo is like the dream team of outfits for me. Loving this wrap skirt with the cool ring and tie detail – totally my style, and looks so badass in a plethora of ways. It hits at the perfect spot on the waist, that makes you look extra teeny there. I wanted to style it a little differently than I normally do with a little bit of a sporty vibe thrown in, and I’m loving it!

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LOVE OR MONEY by Emily Tong | Off Shoulder Top & Denim Shorts 0

Summer is here (duh!), and LA is hot as hell, so I’m living in tiny clothes. If you have a Pinterest account or don’t live under a rock, you probably are also obsessed with the off-shoulder top trend (unless you are not like me and you actually have boobs that require you to wear a bra, in which case, more power to you). But I love this trend because I can ditch said bras and feel extra classy in doing so. A crisp blue off-shoulder top like this one even makes a pair of super short daisy dukes feel and look a little more grown up.

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