LOVE OR MONEY by Emily Tong wearing polka dot top and flare pants

As time goes on, my Instagram feed is becoming more and more flooded with French models, bloggers and it-girls. I am obsessed with everything about them, from their chic AF laidback style, to their unkempt hair and minimal makeup, to their general badassery and unparalleled ability to make the simplest outfit look meticulously put together (when in reality they probably just threw it on without a thought). These women are incredibly influential style mavens, but I really don’t think they care. That French give-no-fucks attitude seems to permeate every aspect of their lives from fashion to beauty and even interior design, and in my opinion can’t be replicated. But a girl can at least try, right? Continue reading

LOVE OR MONEY by Emily Tong wearing Reformation dress Levi's jacket and over the knee boots

I am single this Valentine’s Day. And does that mean my opinion on this Hallmark holiday is due to my Sex And The City style single-girl bitterness? Nope! I have (almost) always thought Valentine’s Day was a bullshit holiday, even when I was in happy relationships. That’s not to say that I never once placed stupid expectations on my past partners or felt hurt if they forgot, but as I got older (and more emotionally stable – sorry, ex boyfriends), I came to understand why it’s bullshit – for the below reasons. Continue reading

LOVE OR MONEY by Emily Tong | Proenza Schouler NYFW Details

It’s that time again, when I start obsessively scrolling through the latest shows that come through on at the start of the global fashion month. It always seems fitting that New York should kick it off, and one collection in particular that I look forward to seeing every season is Proenza Schouler. Continue reading

LOVE OR MONEY by Emily Tong wearing topstitch trend top reformation jeans white boots naked vice chain bag

With the weather already leaning towards spring in LA, I have my eye on next season and my inevitable closet purge that is bound to happen on some ill-fated Sunday afternoon. I’ve been having one of those style crises where I’ve suddenly realized that I have not one acceptable top to wear, and am completely tired of wearing tees. I’m already making mental notes of what can stay and what MUST go, making piles, scouring Pinterest and other blogs for replacement ideas. I do this about once a quarter, when my sartorial schizophrenia takes hold near the transition of each new season like clockwork. Continue reading

LOVE OR MONEY by Emily Tong wearing Free People button top and button skirt levis jacket and patent boots

Breaking news: it’s hot in LA, in case you haven’t heard. Not quite sure where else in the world it’s possible to wear mini skirts in January (except maybe Australia), but it’s basically full blown summer here. While I love to complain about LA and the heat and constant sunshine, I’m sure my California born-and-bred bones would crumble to dust instantly if I ever experienced truly cold weather. I don’t think the handful of times I’ve gone snowboarding or romped around in early season East-coast snowfall actually counts. Snow is like, so cute though – am I right Californians? Continue reading